Monday, October 10, 2011

Key P-Bruins Team Statistics (Through Games of Oct. 9)

Author’s note: Unlike the NHL or the NCAA, the AHL does not make many team statistics readily available to the general public. Accordingly, for your convenience, this author will track the scoresheet of every Providence Bruins game this season and update key data each week.

Special Teams
Power Play: 0-for-7 (0.00)
Penalty Kill: 8-for-9 (88.89)
Combined Special Teams: 8-for-16 (50.0)
Shorthanded Goals For: 0
Shorthanded Goals Against: 1

Situational Records
When Scoring First: 0-0-0
When Opponents Score First: 0-2-0
When Leading After 1: 0-0-0
When Leading After 2: 0-0-0
When Trailing After 1: 0-1-0
When Trailing After 2: 0-2-0
When Tied After 1: 0-1-0
When Tied After 2: 0-0-0

Goals For-Goals Against in 1st period: 1-2
Goals For-Goals Against in 2nd period: 1-4
Goals For-Goals Against in 3rd period: 0-2
Shots For-Shots Against in 1st period: 15-25
Shots For-Shots Against in 2nd period: 11-23
Shots For-Shots Against in 3rd period: 16-14

Penalty Breakdown
Minors: 10
Majors: 2
Misconducts: 0
Opposing Minors: 8
Opposing Majors: 2
Opposing Misconducts: 0